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Welcome to Trosa Gästhamn!

Welcome to our beautifully located mobile home pitches in central Trosa. Enjoy a peaceful retreat with proximity to both the pulse of the city and the tranquility of nature. Our pitches are designed to offer comfort and harmony for your motorhome stay. Explore the picturesque city and discover its charming atmosphere and diverse attractions. With our centrally located location, you have easy access to local restaurants, shops and cultural experiences. Relax in the surrounding nature and be inspired by Trosa's scenic beauty. Our aim is to offer a memorable and relaxing experience for all our visitors. Welcome to Trosa and our wonderful RV community!

We offer full service and facilities:

- Toilets

- Showers

- Sauna

- Latrine emptying

- Greywater discharge

- Waste station

- Fresh water

- Disk space


- Laundry room (to be booked)

- Restaurant

- Archipelago tours

- Activities

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